Beacon Technology

Beacon technology allows a company to push targeted messaging to customers through their mobile phones based on their location.

Beacon Technology

The Beacon itself is simply a device that transmits small amounts of data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) up to 150 feet.

The selected mobile application will be looking for Beacons in the background. Once detected, EngagePHD™ and the mobile application will perform a search in the EngagePHD™ Cloud, using cellular data or Wi-Fi, to see what content is associated with that Beacon. Once this connection is made, the user or customer can receive customized content to his or her smartphone.

Alternatively, you can use mobile phone signals to post customized messaging on already existing digital signage displays. This allows you to better target your customers with personalized ads, promotions, product information and calls to action. The possibilities with this new technology are endless.


EngagePHD™ was developed to address the growing need for a low-cost, robust and scalable Digital Signage platform that is an easy-to-use, cloud-delivered content management and network monitoring application. Adding support for Beacon technology strengthens the EngagePHD™ platform by expanding marketing, branding and loyalty options for retailers, restaurants, sports teams, hoteliers, airlines and pretty much any organization that has, or is developing, a mobile application for their patrons, guests and customers.

Ping HD Beacon Technology Solutions

We can use Beacon technology with your already existing mobile application. Through an API, we can integrate the necessary code into any mobile application, turning mobile phones with your application installed into a digital marketing platform.


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