Government and Transportation

Ping HD provides full service digital signage solutions to government and travel agencies. Our digital signage options provide a quick and convenient way to keep your travelers informed, engaged, and aware of any changes that affect them.

Video Walls

Video walls provide a great advertising method in airports, train stations, and other travel facilities. They provide widespread benefit in terms of providing advertising and adding an aesthetic value to your location. A Ping HD Video Wall can transform a large blank area into an engaging and informative digital platform. A video wall is a great way to capture the attention of your visitors as well as increase advertising revenue. Ping HD’s software allows you to add and drop advertisements of any content with ease. Utilize dayparting to ensure you are reaching the right audience at the right time. With packages ranging from 4 to 36 screens, Ping HD video walls allow a modern youthful way to engage with your visitors and help enhance their experience.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an excellent option for not only promoting your facility, but promoting your vendor and partners within your travel facility. Advertising with digital signage means stunning noticeability, vivid imagery, a digital story-telling device, and a route to further consumer interactions. With digital advertising you can target the right people at the right time driving down the total cost of ownership by reducing printing and design costs. Ping HD’s proprietary cloud-based software, EngagePHD™, comes with an intuitive user interface running on the latest hardware solutions from LG and Samsung.

Digital Wayfinding

Ping HD Digital Wayfinding technology enhances your customers’ experience by clearly and accurately directing them to their desired location or destination. Changes can be made quickly, in real time to keep guidance accurate, ensuring that your customers, staff or travelers will never miss important information like news headlines or flight cancellations.

Digital Reader Boards

Make sure your customers never miss an arrival, departure or key marketing message with Ping HD Reader Boards. Our software can integrate with outside RSS or IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) feeds that can display up-to-the-minute data such as departure times, delays, arrivals. Our reader boards can be free standing in high traffic areas or mounted to a wall or ceiling grid where there is limited space.


Add a live television feed to any of our products with a simple easy to use IPTV encoder. This turns live TV into a media asset that you can add to any or all of your Ping HD products. This is a great addition to any airport lounge, bar, or restaurant.

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