Ping HD offers a multi-dimensional approach to hospitality when it comes to digital signage solutions. The hospitality industry is a bustling, rapidly-changing industry, and Ping HD has the cutting-edge solutions needed to serve your guests’ diverse set of needs all throughout the day.

Reader Boards

These user-friendly boards are great in high-traffic or waiting areas. Large screen digital signage reader boards help inform guests about all of the great things inside your facility, as well as the happenings in the local area. Partner with local airports and transportation agencies to display schedules and time-tables to keep your guests up-to-date on any flight or transportation changes. Pair with our IPTV offering to display local weather, news, and TV while still promoting your facility.

Room Signage

Your staff works hard to communicate with guests — be sure your digital signage does the same. Use our cloud-based EngagePHD™ software to quickly manage meeting schedules of all rooms from the convenience of any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Our fully customizable digital meeting room signs offer an intuitive interface to get your guests where they need to go, when they need to get there.

Video Walls

Create an engaging and memorable experience for your guests with custom-built video walls that meet the space and size required for your business. Whether you want 2 screens or 100 screens, we can provide custom configurations and meet the space and size needed. With our cloud-based EngagePHD™ platform, you can easily update content from any device, in any location with internet connection.

Digital Menu Boards

Use Ping HD’s digital menu boards to elevate the dining experience of your patrons. Promote daily specials in the hotel bar and dining areas with easy-to-use digital signage. EngagePHD™ allows you to change menu items from any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device to address any changes in the menu without disappointing your guests.


Ping HD Hospitality Clients

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