Digital Reader Board

Ping HD’s digital reader board solutions offer a way to display dynamic content to customers, visitors, and employees. Display information for events, like times, titles, names and other important information using electronic signage software on your digital reader board.

Digital Reader Board Features & Benefits

Digital Reader Boards

Touch Screen

Touch screen and non-touch screen options available based on needs.

Digital Reader Board

Reader Board Sizes

Available in various sizes from 20″ up to 65″.

Reader Board

Custom Content

Customize your read board content, either created by the Ping HD content team or an internal team.

Reader Boards

SaaS Centralized Management

Easy-to-use, cloud-based management, allowing for instantaneous updates.

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IPTV Add-On Services

Add IPTV services to your advertisements, which allows you to stream a video source (TV, camera, etc.) directly on the display with your content to attract attention and provide a seamless entertainment experience.

Reader Boards are an effective tool across many industries:





Hotels & Resorts

Corporate Offices

Convention Centers


Have Complete Control Over Your Digital Signage Network

SaaS-Based Centralized Management

Control your displays in real-time without being tied down to a
physical location. Access your digital signage displays from any location around the world with any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device that has an internet connection.

Live, High Resolution Previews

Save time and money by knowing exactly what’s showing on your displays, and how it’s displaying, at all times with full- resolution previews.

Screen Control/Automatic Scheduling

Control every screen through the EngagePHD™ platform with a single click. Automatic scheduling allows you to designate when your screens should be live, and when they should be turned off, ensuring synchronized messaging across all displays.

24/7 support

We’re here when you need us. As a business owner, you can rest assured that Ping HD will be there to support your business when your business needs us most.

Pro-active Network Monitoring and Alerts

Receive alerts if your digital signage solution experiences any connectivity issues with our network monitor, ensuring minimal downtime and peace of mind.

Companies using Ping HD Reader Boards

Hampton Inn

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