The Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) plays host to hundreds of events each year, yet their on-site dining experience has built a reputation of disappoint to many visitors. To elevate its dining areas, the LVCC signed a $7 million contract for a complete remodel, which they are currently in the midst of.

Ping HD, hired by LVCC’s chosen Food & Beverage concessionaire, Centerplate, will be installing 76 digital menu boards throughout the massive 45,000+ square foot dining areas, as well as providing digital content design for all menu boards. These efforts will be spread throughout two main eateries, Lucky’s “casual eatery” and Aces, another well known food court in the South Hall lobby of the convention center.

To make the experience seamless for both consumers and signage managers, all digital menu boards and content design will be powered by EngagePHD™, Ping HD’s cloud-based content management system.  EngagePHD™ will allow faculty and staff at the LVCC to manage content from any device, in any location with an internet connection. It’s ease-of-use and lower cost of ownership makes EngagePHD™ the perfect, scalable digital signage solution.

During tradeshows, expos and other large scale events, a superior dining experience can make a convention center truly shine. By upgrading to state-of-the-art digital menu boards and a modern, cloud-based content management system, the LVCC expects its fluid, more appealing customer experience to yield a strong increase in sales.

The entire Ping HD team is thrilled to begin working on this project! Want to learn more about digital menu boards and content design for your business?

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