Video Walls

Create an engaging and memorable experience for your customers with custom-built Video Walls that meet the space and size required for your business.

Applications & Functionality of Video Walls

Variety Of Screen Options

Ping HD partners with many screen vendors so that we can provide a solution perfect for your requirements.

Custom Configuration

Whether you want 2 screens or 100 screens, we can provide custom configurations that meet the space and size needed.

Live, High Resolution Previews

Save time and money by knowing exactly what’s showing on your displays and how it’s displaying at all times with full-resolution previews.

In-House Content Design Team

We have resources available to create the most engaging and impactful experience for your customers.

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Companies using Ping HD Video Walls

Pepsi Center
Cable Center
Bon Secours Wellness

Video Walls are an effective tool across many industries:



Shopping Malls

Hotels & Resorts


Corporate Offices


Convention Centers


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